Now you can determine exactly how many guests are in each zone, for a safer experience overall

Track the number of guests that have entered and exited each zone on-site, allowing for more precise capacity control at your venue.

Increased security

Ensure your venue does not get overcrowded and evacuation routes are always available.

Helps to respect physical distancing regulations

Respond to physical distancing regulations by ensuring guests will have ample space to move around without getting too close to one another.

Respectful and non-invasive crowd monitoring

Guests simply scan to enter and do not feel they are being overly surveilled.

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Operators have visibility over each zone

Access portals and scan boxes can be implemented wherever crowd monitoring is needed. Guests scan to enter and exit so that staff can easily monitor the capacity in each zone.

Real-time dashboards

Each scan is recorded in the dashboard, so monitors have a real-time overview of who is where. With a global overview of capacity levels throughout the park, operators can make adjustments to staffing in high-traffic zones to ensure an adequate staff presence is always maintained.

Access permissions can be adjusted if needed

Unruly guests can have their access permissions restricted if operators make adjustments to their online profiles. Adjustments can be made directly from the online platform and the system will recognize the change as soon as the guest tries to scan for access.

Benefits for Guests

  • Less waiting in lines to access different zones
  • Parents take comfort knowing children will have scanned to enter each on-site zone
  • Guests can purchase the access package that works best for them

Benefits for Operators

  • Better crowd flow management
  • Detailed overview of guest activity
  • Access permissions are monitored and can be adjusted at any time

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