Guests scan to enter and exit, making it easier than ever to track overall attendance

Offer increased on-site security with access portals and Famocos at all entrances. Guests scan to enter and exit, while the dashboard allows you to monitor crowd flow and guest activity.

Guests enter the site quickly and efficiently

With a simple scan, the guest profile is recognized within the platform.

You can offer fast lanes and VIP upgrades

With a VIP pass or fast lane package, guests can access fast lanes to get in more quickly and avoid tiresome waitng in lines.

Increased security

You get an overview of who is at your venue and can monitor crowd capacity more closely.

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Operators have greater visibility over the entire park

Access points can be used throughout the park to track guest activity and identify high-traffic zones. Guests scan in and out of all zones, and a detailed overview is available at all times through the dashboard.

Emergency contact and allergy information stored on guests’ wristbands

Emergency contact info and allergy information is included in each guest profile to provide additional security for guests. Park employees scan a guest’s wristband to get the information required in an emergency situation.

Operators can track crowd-capacity in multiple zones in real time

Capacity limits can be monitored closely for a more pleasant and safer guest experience. Guests scan to enter each zone and park staff can refer to the dashboard to see real-time capacity numbers and impose restrictions when capacity limits are reached.

Benefits for Guests

  • Less waiting in lines
  • VIP and fast lane upgrades available
  • Increased guest security

Benefits for Operators

  • Better crowd flow management
  • Improved response to emergency situations
  • Staffing adjustments can be made according to guest activity

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