1 Platform, 3 Modules,
all easily configurable for you!

Select the object that works for you!

Our clients select the object they would like to use to connect the guest experience (wristband, card, sticker, key chain, etc.). Guests register the unique ID code printed on the object, and link the code to their personal profile. Once registered, the guest is ready to …ENTER, PAY AND PLAY!

How it works?


Guests visit a branded microsite to register their personalized online profiles.

Guests can link a credit card to the wristband to make cashless payments on-site.


Guests scan their wristbands at the entrance.

A green light indicates that their profile is recognized within the system.

Guests scan again to enter various areas on-site (VIP, media, etc.).


Guests scan their wristbands to make cashless payments for food, drinks and merchandise on-site.

A receipt for each transaction is sent directly to the guest via email or SMS.


Guests scan to participate in on-site activations, take photos/videos, earn points and enter contests.

Event-branded photos can be shared instantly on social media.


Guests can refer to their personalized profiles to: see photos/videos captured, review purchases made and receive notifications/promo material for future events.