The project

Connect&GO provided RFID access control solutions for the Wonderfront music festival in San Diego, CA. As 2019 marked the first year of the festival, organizers were looking for a way to streamline access to the site and enjoy an overview of attendance in real time throughout the three-days of the festival. Guests received RFID wristbands; which they scanned for access to the site. The connected wristbands simplified the access process and also reduced the chance of counterfeit tickets or ticket sharing.


  • New festival, looking to make access process as smooth as possible.
  • Looking to reduce chance of counterfeit tickets.
  • Looking for a way to keep track of attendance during the three-day festival.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Wristbands are scanned for quick access to the site. Handheld scanners and scan boxes were provided.
  • Counterfeit is virtually impossible when using RFID wristbands as entrance tickets.
  • All scans are recorded and access reports can be viewed in real time.

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