The project

Over 15,000 attendees participated in the cashless payment activation provided by U.S. Bank and Visa during the 2018 Super Bowl activities. Connect&GO provided RFID semi-permanent sticker tattoos that guests used to make cashless payments on-site at self-serve vending machines and vendor screens. Guests also scanned to participate at photo booths and green screen photo opportunities. All photos were saved directly to the guest’s digital album and could be reviewed post-event.

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  • Looking for a creative/interesting way to introduce a new product and learn about consumer reactions.
  • Looking to increase brand visibility at a major sporting event.
  • Difficult to encourage consumer engagement.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Guests were able to try out the new digital payment system, without using their own money. An easy introduction that allowed for detailed tracking of consumer behavior and reaction to the technology.
  • The Super Bowl event offered a high profile audience for this brand activation. Garnered more attention than traditional advertising.
  • Fans scanned their RFID tattoos to receive branded merchandise for the team they love!

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