The project

For consecutive years, Connect&GO has provided RFID wristbands to facilitate the donation process at this San Francisco benefit gala aimed at raising money for community-based programs to fight poverty. Guests scanned their RFID wristbands to make instant pledges for donations throughout the evening. Donation amounts were posted on a giant leader board in the gala dining room, creating a friendly sense of competition among patrons. Pledge information was recorded and shared with organizers post-event. Connect&GO’s RFID services made it easier than ever for patrons to give, and the organization saw an increase in donations of approximately 30%.


  • Difficult to record guest information for donations during the busy event.
  • Looking for a creative way to incentivize donations.
  • Difficult to manage post-event communications with guests.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • RFID wristbands are scanned for quick and accurate transfer of information, allowing for more donations to be accumulated in a shorter period of time.
  • Guests enjoy the friendly competitive nature of the donation process, and are encouraged to make greater donations to see their names posted on the giant leader board.
  • Post-event communication is facilitated and organizers can reach out with personalized messages for each guest. All guest info (and donation activity) is stored within the same dashboard and can be easily retrieved.

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