The project

Connect&GO provided RFID solutions for this year’s Africa CEO Forum – an international conference that hosts some of the continent’s most prominent CEOs, international investors, experts and high-level policy makers. In order to streamline ticket fulfillment and access control, Connect&GO provided RFID badges that attendees then scanned to enter the conference and the various zones on-site. Detailed attendance and participation reports allowed organizers to gain insight into the behaviors and preferences of their guests.


  • Looking for a simple and effective way to manage ticket fulfillment on site.
  • Looking for a way to assess the popularity of certain workshops, seminars and activities.
  • Looking for an innovative way to establish a connection with conference attendees.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • With a detailed list of attendees, Connect&GO staff members were able to manage ticket fulfillment quickly and efficiently on-site by associating each attendee’s order with a connected RFID badge.
  • Every time an attendee scanned their badge to enter a workshop or seminar, their info was saved within the dashboard. Detailed data revealed exactly who attended each workshop or seminar throughout the two-day conference. Organizers were able to assess the popularity of each event, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding programming for next year’s event.
  • With access to detailed info regarding their participation at the event, organizers were able to make personal follow-ups with each attendee. This type of targeted outreach shows the Africa CEO Forum takes note of who has attended their event and what their key interests are.

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