The project

Connect&GO provided a cashless experience for over 50,000 visitors at the Target Bullseye Lounge during the 2018 Super Bowl festivities. Guests scanned their RFID passes to add items to a virtual cart and then received their pre-packaged order directly from the back store. Vendors benefitted from efficient inventory management and guests enjoyed a frictionless payment experience at the major brand activation. Roaming cameras were available to take photos of guests as they enjoyed the shopping activation, guests could then scan to have the photos posted instantly on social media.


  • Difficult to track inventory management during a busy shopping event.
  • Long line-ups for guests to pay for their orders.
  • People would handle products and disrupt displays.
  • Difficult to integrate a social media component into a shopping event.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Inventory is tracked in real-time and vendors receive alerts when stocks run low.
  • By linking their credit cards to their RFID passes, guests pay instantly with a simple scan.
  • The majority of the stock is kept safely in the back store – less chance of damage or theft.
  • RFID social media integration is seamless and activity can be tracked in the experiential dashboard.

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