The project

Whether they purchase their tickets online or on-site, each guest registers a personalized profile to be associated with the smart wristband they’ll wear for the day.

By scanning their wristband, guests can access the park, make cashless payments for snacks, drinks and merchandise, take memorable photos or videos and so much more! The connected experience is convenient and fun for guests, but it also allows operators to monitor crowd capacity, manage staff and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for their guests. Thanks to their smart wearable, guests of all ages get the most out of every moment of their visit and can share the Super Aqua Club experience instantly with family and friends! 


  • Different systems to control park operations (store, F&B, ticketing, location, etc.). 
  • Looking to provide a safe environment for guests
  • Looking for new ways to boost customer loyalty and engagement
  • Lack of reporting, real-time data, and mobile dashboard
  • Looking for ways to allow many guests to enter the park quickly and efficiently

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Flexible ticketing platform that allows for single-day and season passes to be sold with pre-determined entrance times to coordinate site capacity.
  • Guests use their wristbands to access the site, as well as make purchases and receive any photos or videos they take at the park.
  • Data is retained each time a guest scans to enter or participate in an activity, so operators learn more about guest preferences and behaviors.
  • Season pass holders can use their wristbands to skip the entrance lines and access the park more quickly.
  • Thanks to Connect&GO’s POS, the restaurant, bar, and stores are all connected. The connected ecosystem allows the operator to track visitor purchases and improve the offer.

Even at the entrance, I see a lot of people coming in, realizing they have to scan their wristband, and saying, “Wow, it’s like Disney! “It’s so simple, just scan a wristband. But people find it really special. It’s a way to make people connect in a different way.

– Nadine St-Amand, Co-Owner and President of the Super Aqua Club

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