The project

Connect&GO provided RFID access control solutions for this year’s sPCMA Business Forum in Orlando, Fl. As a renowned event for professionals in the pharmaceuticals industry, sPCMA has always made it a priority to offer guests a frictionless experience with top-level security, informative workshops and valuable networking opportunities. For the third consecutive year, Connect&GO provided ticket fulfillment and access control solutions that were tailored to the needs of this high-profile business event.


  • Looking for a quick and effective solution for ticket fulfillment.
  • Looking to ensure no one was able to enter the event without a paid ticket (media, etc.).
  • Looking to rule out the possibility of guests sharing tickets.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Connect&GO staff members associated each guest’s paid ticket with a connected RFID badge. Guest profiles were saved within the dashboard and credentials could be managed and adjusted by sPCMA staff.
  • No one could enter the event without scanning their RFID badge. Each time a guest scanned their badge, their profile photo would appear on the scanner; which served as an additional security measure and made it impossible for guests to share their passes with others.
  • Every scan was stored within the dashboard, allowing event organizers to have a detailed and real-time overview of attendance and guest activity at the event.

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