The project

Connect&GO provided RFID experiential solutions for the Nissan Infiniti brand activation at this year’s Rogers Cup in Montreal. Participants registered on-site to receive an RFID card to scan at connected kiosks and answer brand-related questions. Guests earned points for each question answered, and points could later be redeemed for discounts and/or special offers at local Nissan dealerships. Guests also scanned their RFID cards to take photos at on-site photo kiosks. Photos were saved directly to each guest’s digital tote, allowing the guest to review the photos and post to social media.


  • Looking for creative ways to increase brand visibility.
  • Looking to gain insight into consumer purchasing behavior.
  • Looking for creative ways to encourage consumers to visit a Nissan dealership.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • RFID activations offer a fun and interactive way to introduce a brand to a targeted demographic of consumers.
  • Trivia kiosks offer the brand an opportunity to present consumers with direct questions related to purchasing behavior. Results are saved and detailed reports provide valuable insight into purchasing patterns, preferences and more.
  • A point system encourages guests to participate in the activation and to visit the Nissan dealership after the event to redeem rewards.

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