The project

For the 2018 edition of South by Southwest (SXSW), Connect&GO collaborated on the Ready Player One experience created by Warner Bros. as a teaser before the official launch of the film.

Guests visited a registration station to create a customized profile including their avatar name, age, etc. Once registered, guests received a personalized welcome email with a unique URL to visit their own personal digital profile. Guests scanned at mini trivia kiosks to answer questions about the 80s, and scanned again with roaming cameras to have photos saved directly to their personalized digital profiles. Guests were able to visit their digital profiles at any time to select the photos they wanted to share on Twitter, Downloader or Facebook.

An on-site ambassador distributed points to guests by scanning their RFID wristbands; guest scores were posted in real-time on a giant leaderboard. Guests who were 21 and over received a special add-on associated to their wristband that could be used to get a free drink at the bar. The frictionless environment was perfectly suited to the film’s theme and guests enjoyed taking a peek inside the world of the film. The RFID wristbands, provided by Connect&GO, helped to personalize the experience for each guest, and provided Warner Bros. with valuable consumer behavior data information.


  • Looking for creative ways to encourage guest participation.
  • Drink tickets were difficult to manage in terms of legal drinking age, ID checks, etc.
  • Looking for a way to track consumer info precisely.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • RFID points system makes participation fun and rewarding for the guest.
  • Digital drink add-ons are only offered to guests of legal drinking age, cannot be shared with others as they are directly associated with the guest’s RFID wristband.
  • Registration questions are tailored specifically to the information that is most useful about each guest. Each scan is recorded within the dashboard and guest activity can be tracked in real-time.

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