The project

Connect&GO provides digital solutions that allow Parc Safari guests to enjoy convenient features that add value to their visit. Guests can book and pay for their tickets online, buy merchandise online and even make reservations for activities like the “Meet the Lions!” experience. By allowing guests to manage their own visits from start to finish, Parc Safari creates a better guest experience that inevitably leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Looking for a way to track inventory at the park’s shops and restaurants.
  • Experiencing ticketing issues and long queues at the park entrance.
  • Looking for one system to manage and oversee all departments (ticketing, sales, activities).
  • Looking for a simple and efficient POS system to use throughout the park.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Sales throughout the park are tracked within the same platform; inventory adjustments occur instantly with each sale.
  • Guests can purchase their tickets either online or on-site; leading to a better flow of guests at the park entrance.
  • With easy-to-use e-commerce options, guests can purchase merchandise online and either have it shipped to their homes or pick it up at the park boutique.
  • Guests use the online platform to make reservations for events and activities such as the “Meet the lions!” experience.
  • Guests enjoy shorter queues when making purchases throughout the park because all on-site vendors use the same powerful POS system.

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