The project

Connect&GO will be providing RFID solutions at the popular Owl’s Head ski resort this season. Skiers will be able to purchase their passes online or on-site and receive an RFID pass to use for the duration of their visit. The RFID passes will be scanned for access control at the gates for the ski resort chair lifts. Guests will have their passes scanned at portals, or with handheld scanners operated by resort staff. This additional security measure provides the ski resort operators with a detailed overview of who is at the ski hill and which access points are the busiest.

The Connect&GO RFID cards will be available for purchase on-site at the ski hill registration desk. Using the barcode they received at the time of online purchase, guests will scan at the self-serve dispenser (provided by Brite4) to receive their RFID card. The connected card can also be used to make cashless purchases at the ski resort. Guests can load funds directly onto their RFID card, to be debited with each on-site purchase.

Each time a guest scans their pass, the interaction is recorded within the Connect&GO dashboard and saved as data that can then be extracted into detailed and informative consumer behavior reports.


  • Looking to avoid ticket fraud/pass-sharing
  • Looking for ways to learn more about the guest demographics
  • Looking for ways to increase spend-per-head at the resort
  • Looking for ways to enhance the client experience on site

Connect&GO Solutions

  • The sophisticated access control solution is easy to use and provides a detailed overview of guest attendance. ID photos can be included as an additional security measure for season-pass holders.
  • Each time a guest scans, the resort operators learn more about their preferences, behaviors, etc.
  • Guests are encouraged to load funds directly onto their RFID cards, and to make quick and convenient cashless purchases while at the ski resort.
  • Season-pass holders enjoy the convenience of RFID lockers on site, fully integrated with their ski passes

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