The project

Connect&GO provided RFID wristbands to be used for a cashless solution at this four-day event. Wristbands were available for purchase, and were pre-loaded with an amount guests could use to purchase items on-site. Each transaction was processed with a simple scan and the pre-loaded amount on the wristband was debited. Guests had the option of registering their wristbands to online profiles. All registered wristbands were entered into a draw for a prize.


  • Physical coupons were cumbersome for guests and difficult to track for vendors.
  • Difficulty tracking overall sales at the four-day event.
  • Looking for a way to learn more about guests and maintain post-event communication.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Guests were able to pay for items with a simple scan of their wristbands.
  • Each transaction was recorded and overall sales could be tracked by day, time, vendor, etc.
  • Information provided by registered guests allowed for consumer data retrieval and post-event communication.

Our Using RFID for Food and Beverage Festivals White Paper

Read about how RFID can be used to reduce friction for the guest, while also increasing efficiency and spend-per-head at food and beverage festivals.

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