The project

Connect&GO provides comprehensive digital solutions for Nordik Spa in Quebec. Ticketing, lockers and spa treatment reservations are all managed within the same platform, making it easy for the spa employees to focus on creating the best possible guest experience. Guests use their RFID wristbands to open and close the lockers they will use for the day. Guests can also scan their wristbands to make cashless payments for food and/or drinks at the spa.


  • Lockers did not work with the previous system; having two platforms was troublesome.
  • Looking for one system to manage all sales and activities at the spa.
  • Looking to reduce friction for the guests.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • The all-in-one solution can be used to manage ticketing, lockers, reservations, etc.
  • It is easy to train employees to use the system and the retail POS.
  • Guests enjoy the freedom of accessing lockers and making payments on-site with their RFID wristbands.

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