The project

Connect&GO provided customized registration options for invited guests and general public who attended the NBA 2K19 20th anniversary event held in New York. Guests received an email invite with a link to a customized landing page where personal data was collected regarding their game preferences. As they entered the event, guests scanned their RFID passes to receive a personalized welcome message featuring the info they shared at registration. A word art piece was created using the guests’ answers to the registration questions about the game. A personalized welcome message was emailed to each guest as a souvenir of the event.

Once inside, guests got to play the latest NBA 2K19 game, participate in other activations and enjoy the party atmosphere. Guests could create personalized game cover images by taking green screen photos at the Microsoft booth; they could then post the image to their social media accounts and/or have the game cover printed as a keepsake.


  • Needed to streamline registration for invited guests and walk-ins.
  • Wanted to gather information from guests in a simple and effective manner.
  • Looking for ways to personalize the experience at the NBA 2K19 event.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • A customized landing page was created for the event – guests and walk-ins were invited to register on this page.
  • Event organizers could tailor registration questions to gather the required info from guests.
  • Welcome messages and green screen images were personalized for each guest and then shared instantly when the guest scanned their RFID badge.

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