The project

Connect&GO provided RFID access control and cashless payment solutions for Movin’ On, a three-day world summit on sustainable mobility. Guests scanned their RFID passes to access to the site and make cashless payments for food and drinks. The Pay&GO POS allowed for multiple methods of payment to be managed through one comprehensive system. Event organizers were able to track guest participation and sales reports in real time and enjoy multiple features such as mobile ordering, inventory alerts and more.


  • Guests often had to wait in long lines to show printed tickets and ID to enter the site.
  • Guests needed to have separate tickets for each day of the event they wanted to attend.
  • Difficult to track crowd capacity in real time.
  • Difficult to manage the many ways guests chose to pay at the event (individual, group, VIP, etc.).

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Guests scanned their RFID badges to have their identification instantly verified.
  • Guests used the same RFID badge to gain access for all of the event days included in their package.   
  • Organizers could track crowd capacity in real time in the access control dashboard; and could also cancel/modify passes remotely in real time.
  • The Pay&GO POS managed all payments (individual, group, VIP etc.) in one system.

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