The project

Connect&GO provides digital solutions for Mont Valinouët, a busy ski hill close to Saguenay, Quebec. Season-passes can be purchased and managed through an online platform, and guests receive RFID cards they simply scan for access to the hill. A self-serve dispenser is also available at the hill for guests who would like to purchase their pass on-site. The Connect&GO POS system is used for quick payments at the ski hill restaurant and boutique. Guests enjoy the flexibility of the system and ski hill operators find the all-in-one solution is efficient and easy to manage.


  • Frustrated with the limitations of their existing system.
  • Looking for a comprehensive solution for ticketing, access and POS.
  • Trying to elevate the guest experience.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • A powerful operational management system that manages ticketing, access and payments.
  • Guests use their RFID cards to scan for access to the ski hill. Each scan is recorded within the platform.
  • Self-serve card dispensers are practical and easy to use for guests.

Our Ski Resorts White Paper

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