The project

Connect&GO provides digital solutions that allow for a frictionless guest experience at Mont Blanc ski hill. Ski passes can be purchased online or on-site; and self-serve dispensers are available for those who wish to purchase their pass at the hill. Guests receive an RFID card that they simply scan for access to the hill, which significantly reduces wait times at the bottom of each run. All payments are processed using the same powerful POS system, again making it easier than ever for guests to pay for food and merchandise quickly so they can get back to the slopes and enjoy their day!


  • Looking to offer a frictionless experience for guests.
  • Looking for a comprehensive solution for ticketing, access and sales.
  • Multiple vendors/sales to be tracked throughout the season (tickets, food, merchandise).

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Online ticket purchases and self-serve options are easy for guests.
  • RFID access control is an efficient way to manage access to each ski run.
  • A single POS system can be used for various on-site vendors and all sales can be tracked within the same platform.

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