The project

Connect&GO provided over 10,000 RFID wristbands for this popular two-day music festival. RFID technology helped festival organizers to manage access control for twelve different tiers of tickets as well as various merchandise giveaways. Guests scanned to enter the festival and the VIP zones within the festival site. They scanned again to redeem merchandise add-ons that had been loaded directly onto their connected wristbands.


  • Difficulty monitoring access control with multiple types of credentials.
  • Difficulty with security staffing at multiple entrance points.
  • Looking for an efficient way to distribute, and track, merchandise giveaways.
  • Looking for a simple way to track employee meal counts.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Each scan is recorded within the dashboard, so organizers have a real-time overview of attendance.
  • Staffing decisions can be made according to real-time number of scans at any given entrance.
  • Digital “tokens” can be added to a wristband so that guests simply scan to redeem their giveaways.
  • Each employee wristband can be pre-loaded with specific meal allowances. Employees scan to receive each meal and all meal counts are tracked.

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