The project

For the Montreal F1 Grand Prix, Connect&GO provided connected wristbands for staff  and VIP access control management across the entire site. Wristband-holders scanned for access to various zones and all scans were tracked in real-time allowing organizers to have a better overview of the site during the busy event.


  • Difficult to manage different access credentials – potential of ticket fraud.
  • Difficult to have a real-time overview of activity and crowd capacity throughout the site.
  • Looking to offer increased security for VIP zones.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • All ticket types are managed within the same dashboard. Wristbands are associated to the user and fraud is virtually impossible.
  • Each scan is recorded within the dashboard and operators have access to a real-time overview of the entire site and all access zones within it.
  • VIP zone is more secure when access is managed using an RFID scanning system.

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