The project

Connect&GO provided innovative RFID solutions for Launch Pointe RV Resort & Lodge at Lake Elsinore in California. Guests visiting the RV resort were able to pre-register using the Lake Elsinore platform, operated by Front Desk Anywhere (FDA) software. Once registered, guests received a connected RFID wristband upon check-in at the resort. Connect&GO worked with a third party (Salto Locks) to provide RFID-operated locks for RV doors. Guests used their RFID wristbands to lock and unlock their RV doors and also scanned their wristbands for access to resort restrooms and shower facilities. In order to make cashless purchases on-site, guests simply linked a credit card to their RFID wristband and then scanned the wristband with one of the five on-site vendors to make quick and secure payments for food and souvenirs. The integration of RFID technology at the Lake Elsinore resort allowed for a more streamlined guest experience. Resort managers benefitted from daily and weekly reports on everything from access control to cashless purchases made at the resort.


  • Looking to facilitate the check-in process for guests.
  • Looking to offer more advanced security for RVs.
  • Looking to track and increase on-site sales.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Pre-registration allows for a simplified check-in process. Each check-in is recorded within the dashboard and each guest is registered to an online profile.
  • RFID locks are secure and easy for guests to manage without the hassle of a physical key.
  • Spend-per-head is generally increased due to the convenience of a cashless system. All sales are tracked, and reports can be extracted by item, vendor, time of day, etc.

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