The project

Connect&GO works with Jungle Island’s ticketing provider to offer General Admission access control for the interactive Eco-Adventure park in Miami, Florida. Guests scan their RFID wristbands to enter the zoo, and then load activities directly onto their wristbands to be used during their visit. Guests use the Connect&GO application to sign a waiver and reserve a time slot for their activity.


  • Park operators did not have any way to track crowd capacity in real time at the park.
  • Reservation management for the park’s activities was complicated and required guests to line up in long queues to reserve their spot.
  • It was difficult to avoid ticket fraud and manage re-entry to the park.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Connect&GO RFID wristbands simplify access control and crowd capacity monitoring.
  • Digital time slot reservations for activities are easy to manage and park operators have a detailed overview in real time.
  • Guests manage reservations from a mobile device, reducing the time spent waiting in lines at the park.

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