The project

Connect&GO provided RFID solutions for the 2020 edition of Jeux du Commerce – the biggest academic competition in Eastern Canada. 1,300 people attended the high-calibre competition that featured more than 40 partners and 13 major universities. RFID cards were used to facilitate everything from access control and cashless payments to gamification, networking opportunities and CV sharing.

*Photography Courtesy of Jeux du Commerce


  • Looking for a way to accurately track sales and participation at the busy event.
  • Difficulty managing multiple vendors – cash-handling errors, losses, etc.
  • Looking for ways to enhance the experience and remove friction for guests.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • All sales and individual scans are tracked within the same dashboard. Data can be extracted regarding daily sales, most popular activities and more.
  • No more cash-handling errors. All sales are accounted for and tracked within the system. Cashless transactions are fast and secure.
  • Students can scan their cards to share contact information, participate in games, purchase refreshments and so much more.

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