The project

Connect&GO provided RFID solutions for the Jack Daniel’s House #7 event at this year’s NBA all-star weekend in Charlotte, NC. Guests registered personal profiles online, and then retrieved their RFID wristbands on site. Guests scanned their wristbands to enter the event and to participate in photo opportunities and games set up inside the 12 themed rooms created by the Jack Daniel’s team. From shooting hoops to making personalized caps, guests were able to connect with the Jack Daniel’s brand while also being fully immersed in the world of the game they love – basketball.


  • Looking for ways to learn more about guests and track participation at the event.
  • Looking to provide innovative ways for guests to connect with the brand and then instantly share their experience with friends.
  • Looking to establish a deeper connection between brand and consumer.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Guests pre-registered their online profiles, thereby providing detailed demographic information that allowed brand reps to learn more about the consumers that would be attending the event.
  • Roaming cameras made it easy for guests to capture candid moments with friends at the event, and then receive the branded photos instantly via email so that they could share them on social channels.
  • Creating a memorable experience deepens the connection between brand and consumer. This connection can be further developed post-event by sharing premium offers and exciting brand news with guests who attended the event.

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