The project

Connect&GO provided RFID solutions for this popular beauty convention. Guest wristbands were loaded with digital tokens to exchange for samples of beauty products. Each time a guest picked up a sample, the brand representatives scanned their wristband to remove the add-on for that sample from their package. The RFID system made it easy to track how many samples had been distributed, and to monitor the fair distribution of samples among the crowd.


  • Difficult to know which guest had already received which sample.
  • No way of tracking sample distribution.
  • Counting samples manually would be difficult and time consuming.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • The integration of RFID made it simple to attribute a digital token to each individual sample.
  • Brand representatives could be certain that each sample was given to a new person – not doubled-up.
  • A digital count was kept in real-time and could be referred to at any time.

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