The project

Connect&GO provides RFID cashless solutions for the student association at HEC Montreal – the graduate business school of Université de Montréal. The student association hosts multiple events throughout the school year, and managing sales for all events was becoming increasingly challenging. With a personal RFID card, students can purchase their tickets online and then simply scan their card for access to the event. The microsite and dashboard can be used to track all sales as well as all scans – giving organizers a real-time overview of attendance at each event.


  • Looking for a way to centralize all sales for multiple different events.
  • Loss of revenue due to cash-handling errors, ticket sharing, etc.
  • Looking to make the experience frictionless for the students.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Microsite can be customized to include multiple events and specific sales details.
  • No chance of cash-handling errors and/or theft. All sales are tracked in the dashboard.
  • Students enjoy the flexibility of scanning a pre-loaded card, rather than holding onto a physical ticket.

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