The project

Connect&GO provided RFID access control solutions for the 2018 edition of Heavy MTL at Parc Jean-Drapeau. Thousands of heavy metal fans scanned their RFID wristbands for access to the site and various zones within it. Festival organizers were able to track crowd capacity in real time and manage individual permissions on-site when needed. Wait times at site entrances were greatly reduced and any chance of ticket fraud was virtually eliminated due to the integration of RFID technology for access control.


  • Long wait times at festival site entrances.
  • Difficult to track crowd capacity on-site.
  • Risk of ticket sharing and/or fraud with printed paper tickets.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Wait times are greatly reduced by using RFID wristbands to scan each guest at the entrance.
  • Festival organizers can refer to the dashboard to track crowd capacity in real time.
  • RFID chips are unique, making fraud virtually impossible. Permissions can also be managed on-site when needed.

Our RFID for Security and Emergency Management White Paper

Read about how RFID solutions can offer guests additional security, while also improving on-site emergency management.

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