The project

Connect&GO provided RFID registration and experiential solutions for this VIP event hosted by Willis Towers Watson. 200 invited guests were able to register online using a microsite developed for the event. Once at the event, guests received an RFID badge to scan for access, to receive a welcome message and to participate in activations such as a welcome kiosk and a connected bar. By incorporating RFID into their event, organizers were able to efficiently track attendance and offer a unique experience for their guests.


  • Looking to turn a standard business event into a more customized, unique experience.
  • Difficulty managing registration and tracking attendance.
  • Difficulty communicating with guests post-event.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Guest scanned at a welcome kiosk to receive a personalized message. When guests scanned at the connective bar, their order instantly appeared on the bartender’s screen.
  • Registration and access control were managed within the same dashboard, giving organizers a clear overview of attendance in real time.
  • Online registration allowed organizers to establish a connection with each guest attending their event.

Our Understanding Consumer Behavior at Brand Activations White Paper

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