The project

Connect&GO provided RFID solutions for this year’s EMC (Entertainment Management Conference) held in Montreal at the large l’Astral event space. With more participants than ever at this year’s event, guests were encouraged to register and receive RFID wristbands they could use for everything from access to workshops, networking opportunities, experiential activations and drink tokens. The integration of RFID allowed event organizers to get a better overview of guest activity and interests. Each scan was saved within the online dashboard, and organizers could track everything from attendance at workshops to photos taken and drink tickets used. Participants were also able to upload their CVs to their personal profiles and employers could scan the wristbands of prospective employees to instantly receive a copy of their CV. Connecting the EMC event was an excellent way for organizers and participants to get the most out of the networking experience.


  • Looking for a way to track participation at each workshop/seminar.
  • Looking to facilitate networking at the busy event.
  • Looking to streamline the entire guest experience – registration, networking, photos, drink tokens, etc.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Each guest was registered to a personalized online profile and scanned for access to the workshop/seminar they wanted to attend. All scans were recorded, and organizers could easily see who attended which event.
  • Guests uploaded their CVs and employers used handheld scanners to scan the wristbands of prospective employees to receive a copy of their CV.
  • All interactions (access, networking, drink tokens, etc.) were completed using the same RFID wristband. Once they had registered, guests were free to take advantage of all available features and activations at the event with just a simple scan.

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