The project

Connect&GO provided RFID solutions for the Dreamville music festival in Raleigh, NC. The festival, put on by J.Cole and his record label, featured a line-up of J.Cole, SZA, Big Sean and many more. Festival organizers wanted to have a close overview of traffic in VIP zones as well as the distribution of catered meals for VIP, artists, etc. In its inaugural year, Dreamville festival incorporated digital solutions for optimal festival management.


  • Looking for a simple ticketing solution that would account for multiple credential types.
  • Looking for a way to closely monitor access and capacity in multiple VIP zones on-site.
  • Looking to monitor the distribution of catered meals for VIP, artists, etc.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • The access control dashboard monitored multiple credential types at the same time. VIP guests were provided with an RFID pass associated with the specific access package they were entitled to.
  • Festival organizers were able to monitor the flow of traffic and the real-time crowd capacity in each VIP area on-site.
  • Meal package add-ons were included in specific packages, allowing certain VIP guests and artists to scan their pass to redeem a catered meal. Meal inventory was tracked in real time and festival organizers were able to manage the distribution of meals.

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