The project

Connect&GO provided RFID access control and experiential solutions for this year’s Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions in Orlando, Florida. During the course of the 6-day event, guests had access to the tournament and the celebratory evenings. Guests used a registration microsite to register their wristbands, then scanned at entrances to access each event. The sophisticated platform, developed by Connect&GO, allowed for multiple credentials to be allocated to the over 3,000 guests. Roaming cameras were on-site to take photos of guests and, if they registered their social media accounts, guests would have access to all photo taken throughout the high-profile event.


  • Organizers were looking for a way to streamline access to multiple events over six days.
  • Looking to provide adequate security for high profile guests (celebrities, sports pros, etc.).
  • Looking for ways to encourage engagement and social media sharing.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • The Connect&GO platform allows for multiple ticket types to be used for the same event, and credentials can be managed in real time through the dashboard.
  • Each guest is registered to a personalized profile, so their identity is checked each time they enter a new zone/event.
  • Roaming cameras are an unobtrusive way to get guests to take photos at the event. Photos can easily be shared to social media profiles when guests register their social accounts.

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