The project

Connect&GO partnered with the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival and Tangerine to develop a unique cashless incentive and interactive experience called ‘Delirius!’. Throughout the 16-day open-air festival, JFL distributed and activated 350,000 RFID wristbands that guests used to pay for drinks, snacks and merchandise on-site. Photo kiosks and roaming cameras offered guests the opportunity to take pictures and enter contests to win cool prizes!


  • Looking for creative ways to encourage guest participation and interaction with the brand.
  • Looking to boost social media presence for the festival and partnering brand.
  • Difficult to track consumer interest and behavior patterns.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • RFID activations are a fun, frictionless way to participate at a festival. Guests are incentivized by the opportunity to win prizes.
  • Guests are encouraged to scan to post photos instantly to social media. User-generated content is good for promotion of the festival and the partnering brand.
  • Each scan is recorded in the dashboard and guest activity can be tracked in real time. Post-event reports reveal detailed findings regarding consumer demographics, interests, and participation levels.

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