The project

For the San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Connect&GO provided RFID for the Game of Thrones “Winter is Here” activation. Guests scanned their wristbands to participate in the photo/video activation that allowed them to become fully immersed in a scene from the hot TV series. Photos/videos created were saved to each guest’s personal digital album. Consumer behavior data was captured with each scan.


  • Looking for creative ways to encourage fan participation in the activation.
  • Difficult to precisely track fan engagement.
  • Looking to facilitate post-event communication with fans.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • RFID activations are easy and fun to participate in. Greater visibility when a fan is immersed in the experience.
  • Each scan is recorded within the dashboard, and fan participation is easy to track in real time.
  • Post-event communication is personalized because each fan’s participation is tracked throughout the activation. Creates a meaningful connection with the fan.

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