The project

For the third consecutive year, Connect&GO is providing RFID solutions for Canobie Lake amusement park in Salem, New Hampshire. In addition to RFID access control, cashless payments and experiential solutions, Connect&GO has developed a customized loyalty program to add value for Canobie Lake visitors. By scanning their RFID wristbands at various touch points throughout the park, guests are able to accumulate points and earn prizes. This interactive point system draws guests into the experience and allows them to enjoy all of the exciting services and features available at Canobie Lake. Park employees can manage guest points and digital add-ons in real time using the dashboard and RFID scanners. Guests enjoy the chance to explore all areas of the park and then be rewarded at the end of their visit.


  • Looking for new ways to encourage guests to visit more of the park
  • Looking for a fun and immersive way to encourage guest loyalty
  • Looking to establish a deeper connection with each guest

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Using an RFID point system, guests are encouraged to scan at as many different touch points as possible throughout the park
  • Guests enjoy the feeling of being rewarded with points and earning enough to ultimately win a prize at the end of their visit. They feel encouraged to return for future visits to earn more points
  • Because each guest is registered to an online profile, park managers can see how each guest interacted with park services, features and activations. Personalized emails can be sent post-visit to encourage guests to return to the park for more fun-filled experiences!

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