The project

For the sixth consecutive year, Connect&GO provided RFID solutions for the 2019 edition of C2’s three-day business and innovation conference in Montreal, QC. With innovative solutions for multi-accreditation, multi-zone access control and cashless payments for over 80 vendors; Connect&GO worked with C2 partners to ensure the guest experience was as streamlined and frictionless as possible for the over 10,000 attendees at the popular event.


  • Because the event took place in a new venue for this edition, the client was looking for a way to manage capacity in real-time in multiple zones.
  • Looking for a simple way to manage cashless transactions at over 80 on-site vendors.
  • Looking for a platform to manage over 70 different types of accreditation for the 3-day event.

Connect&GO Solutions

  • Connect&GO access control solutions were integrated with the klik badge to monitor access in various zones on site. A real-time access control dashboard displayed crowd capacity in the busiest areas.
  • 87 different on-site vendors used the Connect&GO POS V2 to accept cashless payments by RFID or credit card. A receipt for each transaction was either printed or sent to the guest via email, and all sales were tracked within the same dashboard. A real-time cashless dashboard displayed sales totals and inventory levels for each vendor.
  • Each customized package was pre-registered online and associated with an RFID badge. Guests picked up their RFID badges on-site and C2 employees could scan a guest’s badge to verify their credentials (staff, talent, media, participants, etc.). The system recognized the credentials associated with each badge and access control was managed efficiently.

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