The project

Connect&GO provided RFID access control solutions to create a personalized, frictionless experience for Beachclub season pass-holders. Guests received their Beachclub pass in the mail and visited a microsite to fill in a personalized profile and upload a profile photo. Once on-site, guests scanned their RFID passes for access to Beachclub via special fast lanes and their profile photos appeared on the screen as ID verification. Guests appreciated the streamlined access process and Beachclub operators enjoyed having a detailed overview of pass-holder activity.


  • Guests were able to purchase a pass and then share it with friends.
  • Season pass-holders often had to wait in long lines with general admission guests.
  • Guests had to show ID each time they entered the site. 

Connect&GO Solutions

  • A photo ID was included in each profile; the image appeared each time the guest scanned.
  • Season pass-holders could access a fast lane for entrance to the Beachclub site.
  • Guests only had to enter personal information once to have it saved in their profile and visible with each scan.

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