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Guests can purchase tickets (day or season passes) online or directly on the site thanks to our omnichannel ticketing module. Tickets are sold with pre-determined entrance times to coordinate a smooth flow of guest traffic at the park entrance and reasonable capacity in the park at all times.  

Access Control

Guests scan to enter the site, allowing for secure access control at the park entrance. Season pass-holders enjoy FastPass privileges and can skip the lines at the park entrance. Operators can refer to the dashboard for a real-time overview of how many people are at the park at any given moment.

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Guests can load funds directly onto their wristbands, then leave their wallets in their lockers while they make cashless payments at the park by simply scanning their wristband with vendors. Season pass-holders get instant discounts on purchases made within the park.


Cameras positioned throughout the park, and on certain water slides, allow guests to capture fun photos and videos of their experience. These keepsake moments are sent directly to the guest via email and can also be shared on social media.  


Connect&GO is a global leader in RFID technology offering a unique combination of smart wearable technology and intuitive operating management systems for the leisure, sports and entertainment industries. Our flexible software modules for Ticketing, Access Control, Point of Sale, Cashless Payments, Gamification, Experiential Activations and Activities create a seamless end-to-end guest experience that generates secondary revenues, increases spend-per-head and maximizes engagement. We’ve partnered with major amusement and water parks, ski hills and resorts, brands and agencies, festivals and sporting events around the world to integrate our easy-to-use wearable technology into the incredible experiences they offer. We also provide modular operations software that help our clients achieve optimal visibility and efficiency in their businesses. We make it safe for employees to keep their distance while staying connected!

We make it easier than ever for your guests to enter, pay and play!

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Whether they purchase their tickets online or on-site, each guest registers a personalized profile to be associated with the smart wristband they’ll wear for the day.

213 000 +


Different systems to control park operations (store, F&B, ticketing, location, etc.). 

Looking to provide a safe environment for guests

Looking for new ways to boost customer loyalty and engagement

Lack of reporting, real-time data and mobile dashboard

Looking for ways to allow many guests to enter the park quickly and efficiently


Connect&GO Solutions

Flexible ticketing platform that allows for single-day and season passes to be sold with pre-determined entrance times to coordinate site capacity.

Guests use their wristbands to access the site, as well as make purchases and receive any photos or videos they take at the park.

Data is retained each time a guest scans to enter or participate in an activity, so operators learn more about guest preferences and behaviors.

Season pass-holders can use their wristbands to skip the entrance lines and access the park more quickly.

Thanks to Connect&GO's POS, the restaurant, bar and stores are all connected. The connected ecosystem allows the operator to track visitor purchases and improve the offer.

And many more!

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Videos produced


of videos shared on social media

By scanning their wristband, guests can access the park, make cashless payments for snacks, drinks and merchandise, take memorable photos or videos and so much more! The connected experience is convenient and fun for guests, but it also allows operators to monitor crowd capacity, manage staff and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for their guests. Thanks to their smart wearable, guests of all ages get the most out of every moment of their visit and can share the Super Aqua Club experience instantly with family and friends! 

98 000 +

Tickets sold

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Interested to implement our flexible solution in your park?

Interested to implement our flexible solution in your park?

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Interested to implement our flexible solution in your park?

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“Even at the entrance, I see a lot of people coming in, realising they have to scan their wristbands, and saying: ‘Wow, it’s like Disney!’ It’s such a simple thing - just a wristband that you scan. But people are finding it really special. It's a way of having people connect in a different way.”

- Nadine St-Amand, Co-owner et president, Super Aqua Club 

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Rechargeable wristband

Thanks to the My Account platform, visitors can recharge their wristband for a next visit. In addition to being practical for visitors who can combine several tickets, this is a more ecological option than printing on paper.