An engaging way to increase
your revenues

Play&GO is a connected wearable platform that increases guest engagement & loyalty and maximizes spend per head. With their connected wearable, guests can play games, live experiences and create memories that can be accessed before, during and after their visit.

With Play&GO, every attraction can create their own personalized experience.​


Increased engagement
and loyalty

Increase the number of touch
points before, during and after the
visit. All those data points are
captured and can be integrated
into a loyalty program.​

Maximize your

Create new offerings with
premium tickets, premium season
passes and optional pay-as-you-go
experiences. Drive new revenue
opportunities by bringing more
value to the guest journey.

Turn your site into a
digital experience

Add interactivity to your site
through gamification, adventures
and education. Enhance your exis-
ting assets and attractions by
adding a digital layer on top of it.
Modernize your existing infrastruc-
ture in no time!

Various features to suit your activities

As each feature evolves separately, you can choose one or more depending
on your needs and budget, allowing you to create a unique experience for
your attraction and your visitors.

  • Gamification
    Play games, accumulate points, compete with fellow guests and access your results on the leaderboard
  • Adventures
    Create scavenger hunts and missions to increase the engagement of your guests
  • Education
    Communicate the mission of your attraction and feed valuable educational content through smart kiosks around the site.
  • Analytics & Reports
    Access reports on your guests’ behavior to optimize your marketing and your operations.

  • Guest Portal
    Maintain a digital connection with your guests where they can access their profile, points they accumulated and access photos/videos taken during their visit.
  • Experiences
    Have your guests trigger personalized multimedia and physical experiences throughout the site.
  • Memories
    Capture key moments of the guest visit on a ride with live action videos or on site with a roaming camera
  • Loyalty
    Accumulate points and rewards to redeem at a point of sale on site or for your next visit.

We work in different markets

Since 2005, Connect&GO has been helping leisure & attractions operators and
event organizers to create unique experiences for their guests.

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