There’s a lot of buzz around office culture right now. From green walls and bean bag chairs, to free food and work-from-home options, our views on what makes an ideal work environment are constantly evolving. Companies are changing their approach to HR policies and so-called “Millenial values” are pretty much shaping the way we work today.

At Connect&GO, we strive to create an atmosphere that feels down-to-earth and actually reflects our company values. We want our office culture to be for real, not for show. That means scrapping some of the traditional corporate standards, not just because it’s the cool or trendy thing to do, but because it’s what feels right for our team.

Here are a few key points that reflect the Connect&GO culture:

Dress Code: We don’t have one. Employees wear whatever they want.

Work Hours: They aren’t set in stone. Employees are responsible for their work schedules. As long as the work is getting done, no one is checking what time you come in or how long you take for lunch.

Communication: We encourage it. We want everyone to have a say when it comes to company objectives or operations. We’re always open to new ideas and new ways to do things.

Transparency: It’s a must. We’re honest with our clients, and we’re honest with each other. Everyone has access to all company info and nothing is kept a secret.

We’re pretty happy with the office culture we’ve created so far, but we see it as a work-in-progress, not a polished showpiece. Because our culture is reflected by the people who make up our team, the culture changes as our team grows.

For 2017, we want to take an even closer look at the way we do things, and see what changes might work for our team. We’ll keep you posted as we try out new office culture ideas and see what sticks…and what doesn’t!

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