Every industry has a peak season. For some, it’s close to Christmas, for others (like us) it’s the middle of the summer. From music festivals to beer festivals, to sporting events like the F1 or Régates de Valleyfield, our summer schedule is jam packed with awesome events both in Montreal and all over the world. It’s an exciting time of year for the Connect&GO team, but the peak season also comes with a few small challenges.

Communication is Key
When our team is scattered all over the place, it can be difficult to keep up the same level of communication as when we are all in the office. We use a variety of communication tools (#slacksaveslives) to communicate when most of us are working remotely. It’s important that, even though we may be setting up a music fest site to welcome 30,000 eager fans, we still make a point of letting the team know what we are up to and checking in to see what’s coming next…because there is always something coming up next!

Trying to Stress Less
Many people thrive on being busy, but almost all of us get to that “stressed-out-of-our-minds” point at least once during the peak season. While working in events is inevitably going to be stressful, no one should operate in a high-stress environment for too long (just ask your doctor!). At Connect&GO, we know things are going to get stressful, but we try to work as a team to mitigate that stress as much as possible. Particularly when we are working on-site, we all chip in to do whatever job needs to be done – whether it’s setting up an access portal, or checking the Wi-Fi connection on our scanners… It’s important that everyone on the team knows that someone’s got their back, this helps to ease the stress and make the event more enjoyable for everyone!

Breaking it Up
While we’re thrilled to have so many exciting contracts keeping us busy this season, we also feel the need to take little breaks now and then to appreciate the summer weather (when it’s not raining!) and spend time with the people we work with. We make a point of having regular BBQs together so that everyone gets at least a short “time-out”. We re-connect with the awesome people on our team, and make an effort to talk about more than just work and the stuff on our To-Do lists. A major draw to working at Connect&GO is the connection we have with each other…that, and the chance to be a part of some of the best events this summer has to offer! ?

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