What’s new?

We now offer our clients the ability to sell gift cards! They can be sold online through your eCommerce, or on-site at your attraction. The physical cards can be customized with your attraction’s branding to create a personalized experience. 

What can you access with gift cards? 

The gift cards come in two formats: a physical gift card that can be branded with your attraction or an e-gift card. Physical gift cards can be used for anything on your eCommerce, from tickets to rentals, as well as items in the gift shop and F&B shops. E-gift cards can be used on eCommerce or the Konnect point-of-sale to buy tickets, add-ons, and pre-purchase items such as F&B and retail. We’re working on allowing use in gift shops and F&B shops soon! 

The benefits of offering gift cards 

Sell gift cards in the off-season 

No matter the season, your guests can share the fun by purchasing a gift card to use later. You can offer special discounts with the purchase of gift cards, to encourage guests to share the experience

Increase sales 

With flexible gift cards, a new revenue stream opens to sell tickets at different times of the year. Guests can have a great experience at your attraction and decide to purchase a gift card to give to a friend so they can get in on the fun, increasing guest spend. 

What now? 

Learn about how you can offer gift cards through Konnect or book a demo with our team today! 

Let’s create the best (and safest) guest experience!

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