In college and university, Myriam studied in finance, marketing and media. She started her career while she was still at school working for a marketing agency. Myriam has spent the last nine years working in agencies that specialize in sponsorship and experiential marketing. She has always been passionate about technology and its potential to evolve the guest experience. Myriam felt like Connect&GO would be a great fit for her – and we couldn’t agree more! As Account Manager for Permanent Installations, Myriam has led many of our exciting permanent installation around the world. We’re thrilled to have her on the team (and her awesome soccer skills are an added bonus!).

Favorite quote?

“When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.” – Harvey Specter, Suits

Favorite music/ artist?

I like to listen to a variety of music, it all depends on my mood. When I work, I like listening to music without lyrics, such as CFCF, Jean-Michel Blais, Bonobo and Sol Rising. When I drive, I often listen to hip hop, some 80’s music or even electro/techno.

Favorite TV shows?

My two favorite TV shows are Succession and Casa De Papel. The next one on my list is “Inside Bill’s Brain” on Netflix.

Your next travel destination?

I’m thinking of either Iceland or Chile for my next destination.

Favorite restaurant in Montreal?

Without a doubt, Provision 1268. I love the experience, the food and service.

One accomplishment in your life that you are most proud of?

I think that one of my best accomplishments is being where I am today and always sticking to what I love doing. I try to push my limits everyday, and to not be afraid of change. I try to learn as much as I can from the different environments we work in.

How did you start working with Connect&GO?

By playing soccer with the company four years ago!! Connect&GO was our supplier when I was working on C2 Montréal and I met some amazing people on-site. I kept in touch with two of them, and I was a replacement player on their soccer team for a bit. Anthony told me about his plan to open a department for permanent installations, and here I am!! (smile)

What do you do on a typical day?

I always start my day with a coffee or two! I try my best to go through my emails from the night before so that I can spend the morning preparing for future deployments. Then, I have meetings with the different departments in the company. My role is to be the the main client contact after the sales; I act as their liaison with all other departments. I make sure to document what the customer experience will be like on-site while using our technology. I want to be able to give the most precise information possible to the dev team. I always re-confirm all scope of work with the client before our team gets started on the big tasks!

The easiest way to describe my role is: Assess – Plan – Document – Test – Deliver – Train the Client – Analyze – Improve – Coordinate

What do you like most about Connect&GO?

What I like the most is obviously the team. There are so many talented people with different backgrounds, it is easy to learn something every day in this environment!

I also like the mission of the company. I think, in life, there is nothing more important than having fun in everything we do; and enhancing the guest experience in a fun environment with our technology is just an incredible feeling.

What do you do when you are not working?

Activities, activities, activities! I can’t just stay home for two days. I like biking, I play soccer twice a week. I enjoy snowboarding, tennis…anything active, and I’m in!

I am also passionate about wine and food. I like cooking, trying new wines and I also like to try two new restaurants every month.

What are your most important values?

I have a few, but my main ones are: Integrity, Perseverance, Balance, Loyalty, Achievement, Open-Mindedness and Family.

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