Amin Ameri

Before joining the Connect&GO team, Amin worked in Iran, South East Asia, England, Dubai and Denmark. His first job in Canada was with PBSC – a company that, according to Amin, is “without a doubt one of the best bike share solution providers in the world”. Amin feels lucky to have worked with amazing people from all over the world in industries such as finance, community and social networking, education, transportation and entertainment.

Amin graduated from Manchester Business School in Business Information Technology. He also has a second Masters degree in Environmental Management. Environmental studies have always been one of Amin’s passions and he hopes to further his education in the field at some point. Amin brings his enthusiasm and interest in innovation to the Connect&GO team as Senior Full Stack Developer, and we’re thrilled to have his positive energy in our office!

Getting to know you…

We asked Amin a few quick questions to get to know him a bit better.

Favorite quote?

Gandhi has been my inspiration whole my life so… “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite music/artist?

I’m a huge fan of classics like Frank Sinatra, Vivaldi and also Bach. I also like Seth Macfarlane.

Favorite TV shows?

Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and Rick&Morty

Your next travel destination?

Probably Vancouver and then Yellowknife. I really want to see the Aurora.

Favorite restaurant in Montreal?

Saint Viateur Café. You will find me there every Saturday having a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

One accomplishment in your life that you are most proud of?

My start-up before coming to Canada. Even though it failed; the lessons I gained from the experience are priceless. Plus, the journey was incredible – from having an idea and then actually implementing it.

How did you start working with Connect&GO?

Our beloved “Sir Nicholas” and I used to work together. So after he joined Connect&GO, he suggested that I could be of good help here and I found the opportunity to be a good challenge – so here I am!

What do you do on a typical workday?

I am in charge of the new System Backbone, so my job is in design and implementation that will make the system more flexible and easy to test and deploy for our future projects and clients.

What do you like most about Connect&GO?

My colleagues.

What do you do when you are not working?

I read books, watch comedies and work on bringing some other ideas I have to life.

What are your most important values?

Being positive, supportive, kind and respectful to everyone. I think it’s important to treat everyone as you would like to be treated.