Reward your fans with the ultimate experience

Make life easier than ever for fans by offering smart wearable tech that removes any friction from the stadium experience. Guests scan to enter the stadium, pay for food & drinks, take memorable photos and so much more. Each scan is recorded within the dashboard, so you gain insight into guest behavior, spending habits, and preferences. Your fans will appreciate shorter lines, easier payment methods, and more time to watch the game they love!

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A FanPass for your Guests

Offer the wristband FREE for your season-ticket-holders or sell it to your fans.

  • Cashless Payments
  • Discounts & Prizes
  • Coming soon: Loyalty Program & Gamification
  • And so much more!
Access Control Icon

Access Control

Guests scan their wristbands or cards for access to the venue.

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Cashless Payments

Guests scan their wristbands or cards to make cashless purchases for food, snacks and merchandise. All sales are tracked within the platform and reports can be extracted.

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Accreditations Management

Manage guests, staff, athletes and sponsor accreditations with our easy-to-issue credential module.

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Guests have their barcodes scanned to associate their entrance package with the wristband they will use at the venue for access and payments.

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Additional Security

Profile photos can be included at registration. Guest ID photos appear on the scanner when they scan providing a two-factor authentication.

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Food & Beverage

Menus can be customized, food orders are sent directly to the kitchen printer. Multiple payment methods can be accepted.

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Sponsor Activations

Brands can easily engage with guests by scanning their wristbands and instantly entering them into contests, generating branded videos and photos as well as incentivizing with point systems and drive-to-store intiatives.

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Business Intelligence & Reports

All guest activity and spending is stored within the platform and detailed reports can be extracted to provide valuable insight into consumer behavior and preferences.

Package options


  • Skip the lines at the stadium entrance
  • Skip the lines at concessions

Super FanPass

  • Skip the lines at the stadium entrance
  • Skip the lines at concessions
  • Food & beverage discounts included – Discount for on-site parking included

VIP Pass

  • Skip the lines at the stadium entrance
  • Skip the lines at concessions
  • Food & beverage freebies included
  • Access to on-site VIP valet parking included
  • Access to special VIP zones within the stadium
  • Meet & Greet opportunities with players after the game

Personalize the package your fans will receive. We offer endless possibilities!

Let’s talk numbers

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The average increase in spend-per-head generated by FanPass holders.
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75 %

The average number of FanPass holders who use their passes game after game.
Time Icon

-50 %

The reduction of time spent per transaction thanks to the FanPass lanes.

What’s in it for the fan?

Fans benefit from a variety of advantages and convenient features. With each upgraded package, fans get to enjoy more special perks.

  • Fans only need to enter their information once all season – it is saved for every game, contest, activation, etc.
  • Cashless payments are quick, easy and secure. Fans don’t need to worry about carrying cash.
  • Post-game communications make the fan feel connected to a wide community of people who love the game as much as they do.

What’s in it for the stadium?

Connecting the experience at your stadium will have a direct impact on your operational efficiency and your overall revenue.

  • Offer upgrades, packages, etc. based on consumer profiles.
  • Offer multiple methods of payment at your stadium.
  • Learn more about the consumer each time they buy.
  • Get detailed reports of food & beverage/ticket sales.
  • Offer brands unique opportunities to reach consumers at your stadium.

What’s in it for the sponsor?

Connecting the experience is a great way to showcase brands at your stadium.

  • Brand awareness starts with ticket sales (Super Fans have instant access to activations).
  • Consumer info only needs to be entered once to be stored on the wristband tag.
  • Brands get access to detailed consumer behavior info and purchasing preferences.
  • Connected activations offer a real way for the consumer to get to know the brand.
  • Post-game communication is facilitated because each fan has an online profile.
  • Experiential reports let brands identify the effectiveness of each activation.