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Our simple wearable technology encourages guests to get the most out of their visit to your resort. Each wristband is associated to a personalized profile, and guests can simply scan to unlock their rooms, enter various areas (spas, pool, etc.), pay for food & drinks and so much more. The dashboard gives you an overview of guest activity and spending and your guests receive an itemized bill at the end of their stay. With a frictionless experience, your guests will get to enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable stay from start to finish.

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Our solutions

Ticketing & Access Control

Use one platform to manage ticket sales, vouchers & promotions, guest profiles, liability waiver signing and more. You control the pricing and availability, and can easily monitor the sale of single tickets, group packages, etc. Manage reservations and individual payment plans; and use guest profiles to send direct email promotions and customized messages to your guests.

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Property Management System (PMS) for Campgrounds

Manage reservations for camp all sites. Each reservation is saved to the guest’s online profile and they simply scan for access to their site.

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Access Control & Locker Management

Guests scan for access to various zones within the hotel/resort property, and to open and lock the locker assigned to them for the duration of their stay.

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Business Intelligence & Reports

All guest activity and spending is stored within the platform and detailed reports can be extracted to provide valuable insight into consumer behavior and preferences.

Our solutions

Point of Sales (POS)

Use one platform to manage sales across multiple vendors/restaurants. Change menu items and pricing according to the needs of each vendor and accept multiple methods of payment (cashless, credit card, mobile payment, gift cards etc.). Track inventory and monitor supplier orders and deliveries. Manage rental reservations and payments with direct access to guest profile information.

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Food & Beverage – Restaurant Management (POS)

Menus can be customized and changed any time. Orders can be placed from any device and sent directly to the kitchen printer. Can integrate with an existing POS.

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Cashless Payments

Guests scan their wristbands to make cashless purchases for food, snacks and merchandise. All sales are tracked within the platform and reports can be extracted.

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Rentals & Boutique

Guests use their wristbands to reserve and pay for rentals at the resort. A digital receipt for each transaction is sent to the guest via email.

Our solutions

Activities & Gamification

Create exciting opportunities for guests to participate in classe, connect with one another and create lasting memories.

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Guests use the online platform to book and pay for extra activities at the resort. They receive notification when it is time for their activity.

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Experiential Activations

Guests scan to take group photos, play games, earn points and more. Points can be redeemed at the hotel gift shop or restaurant/snack bar for prizes or discounts.

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Business Intelligence & Reports

All guest activity and spending is stored within the platform and detailed reports can be extracted to provide valuable insight into consumer behavior and preferences.

Simple Contactless Technology.
Safest Guest Experiences.

  • Ticketing & Access Control
  • Self-serve Dispensers
  • Child-Parent Pairing
  • Locker & Door Locks
  • Emergency & Allergy Info
  • POS & Cashless Payments
  • Loyalty & Points Programs
  • Consumer Behavior Tracking
  • Experiential Activations

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The benefits

Improved Guest Check-in and Entry

Nobody likes waiting in line.

Go Cashless

Put simply, RFID works like a contactless credit card.

A Hands-Free Experience

RFID wristbands reduce stress. Freeing-up guests from carrying cash, keys, and credit cards allows them to enjoy resort facilities without a worry in the world.

Family Freedom

Allowing children to have their own wristbands for purchasing food and drinks, gives them a sense of independance.

Security & Control

Operators will see improvements in their bottom line because RFID technology eradicates the chance of fraudulent passes that negatively impact revenues.

Make a Social Splash

RFID technology enables integration with social media. Visitors can choose to link their RFID wristbands to their social profiles and open-up a whole host of fun experiences.

One Wristband to Rule Them All

The introduction of RFID at resorts has reduced the need for guests to carry multiple items for access and payment.

Data & Insight

With RFID present at your resort, you’ll have the ability to collect intelligent data and deep analytics.