Sporting Events

Getting fans in quicker, encouraging them to spend more and enjoy an enhanced game day experience

The Connect&GO platform can be used to connect the live sporting event experience for fans and provide numerous benefits for stadium/venue operators. Connected wristbands can be used to; monetize the lines, process quick cashless transactions, encourage fans to take branded photos they can post instantly on social media and participate in themed activations to earn points they can redeem for discounts and prizes!

The Connect&GO POS system is an efficient way to boost sales and make every seller better. Guests use their connected wristbands to make cashless purchases for concessions and merchandise. The smart POS system automatically provides; inventory alerts, upsell recommendations, mobile ordering options and more. Create a deeper connection with your fans by offering the ultimate frictionless experience!


Revenue Generating

Monetize the line by offering fast lane access, season packages and more at additional costs.

Increased Security

Each pass is linked to a registered online profile. Credentials can be managed on-site.

Boost Sales

Smart POS features offer inventory alerts, upsell recommendations and more.

Digital Reach

Gamification and contesting can incentivize fans to share their experience instantly on social media.