End-to-end customer experience to enter, pay and play at festivals

The Connect&GO platform can be used to create a frictionless experience at music and food festivals. Festival organizers enjoy many benefits including; monetized lines, increased security, increased revenue, enhanced digital reach, a lasting connection with attendees and much more. Festival attendees use their connected wristbands to access the venue, make cashless payments, take branded photos to post instantly on social media and participate in themed activations to earn points they can redeem for prizes and discounts.

The Connect&GO POS system creates opportunities to boost sales and make every on-site seller better. From inventory alerts to upsell recommendations and mobile ordering features, the smart POS is a great way to increase operational efficiency at festivals. Explore the many functionalities of our technology to offer an incredible frictionless festival experience!


Increased Security

Each guest is registered to an online profile containing emergency contact information.

Revenue Generating

VIP festival access and exclusive experiences can be offered at additional costs.

Increased Sales

Cashless payments often lead to an increased spend-per-head.

Measurable Digital Reach

Social media shares and attendee participation are tracked in real-time.