Family Entertainment Centers

RFID solutions for a safe and secure environment, gamification and increased spend-per-visit

The Parkpass by Connect&GO connects the family entertainment center (FEC) experience so that guests get the most out of their visit and enjoy benefits such as; increased security, parent-child pass pairing, allergy notifications and more. FEC operators can expect; increased revenue, greater operational efficiency and an enhanced digital reach for their center.

The Connect&GO platform also includes a POS system that offers innovative services including; inventory alerts, upsell recommendations, mobile ordering and much more. Guest use their connected wristbands to: access the center, access lockers, take memorable photos they can post instantly on social media and earn points to win prizes! Clients can customize the connected solution that works best for their entertainment center, knowing their guests will enjoy an incredible frictionless experience they will want to relive again and again!


Increased Security

Parent and child passes can be paired, and allergies can be recorded in each guest profile.

Operational Efficiency

Site access, locker management, sales and photo-sharing are managed in real-time.


Family packages and special edition wristbands can be offered at an additional cost.

Repeat Visits

Gamification and loyalty programs can incentivize families to return to the center for future visits.